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Harvard Apparatus Pump 11 Elite Syringe Pumps

The Pump 11 Elite series expands the capabilities of the original workhorse Pump 11 series with a high resolution touch screen and intuitive icon interface. The interface allows you to create, save and run simple to complex methods without a PC.

These syringe pumps have a new mechanism that includes a tight gripping, more secure syringe clamp for syringes ranging from 0.5ul to 60ml (single syringe) and 0.5ul to 10 ml (dual syringe). The Pump 11 Elite Series offers enhanced flow performance with high accuracy and smooth flow from 0.58 picoliters/min up to 88.28 ml/min, depending on the model and syringe size.

The Pump 11 Elite Series is available in Infusion Only or Infusion/Withdrawal Programmable Models with single or dual syringe racks. The Pico Plus Elite is optimized for smooth flow at very low rates required by applications such as microdialysis. These pumps have advanced connectivity with a USB port for computer control, andfootswitch, and, on programmable models, RS-485 ports for pump-to-pump connections and digital I/O for remote control.

Customers in Europe: please see our Euro Price List and add 'E' to the end of the part number to specify a 220V cord for continental Europe.


U.S. Pricing

Model    Name    Price
HA1100 Pump 11 Elite infuse-only single syringe pump (704500), US cord $1995 / each 
HA1100D Pump 11 Elite infuse-only dual syringe pump (704501), US cord $2309 / each 
HA1100W Pump 11 Elite inf/wd programmable single syringe pump (704504), US cord $2782 / each 
HA1100WD Pump 11 Elite inf/wd programmable dual syringe pump (704505), US cord $2915 / each 
HA1100DU Pump 11 Pico Plus Elite inf/wd program dual syringe pump (704506), US cord $2915 / each 



Harvard Apparatus syringe pump information [PDF]