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Instech Vascular Access Harness

Vascular Access Tethers™

Harness, 1 Channel, for Rats

Harness, 2 Channel, for Rats

Button, 1 Channel, for Rats

Button, 2 Channel, for Rats

Button, 3 Channel, for Rats

Harness, 1 Channel, for Mice

Harness, 2 Channel, for Mice

Button, 1 Channel, for Mice

Button, 2 Channel, for Mice


Legacy Tethers

Covance Infusion Harness™

Dacron Mesh Button Tethers

Polysulfone Button Tethers

Polyester Felt Mouse Button


Replacement Tether Spring


Head Block Tethers

Head Block Tether for Rats

Head Block Tether for Mice

Surgical Services Partners

Vascular Access Harness™ for Rat Blood Sampling

Instech’s Vascular Access Harness™ is ideal for sampling blood from rats.


Manual access to VAH
To withdraw manual samples, simply access the port in the harness using the needle-free VAH6M injector attached to a syringe. The fluid path is not opened to the environment and the design prevents backflow that can lead to a loss of patency.


VAH for Culex
When used with automated blood samplers, including the Instech ABS2™, the Dilab® AccuSampler® or the BASi Culex®, animals can be dosed outside the cage and then connected to the tether line in just a few seconds before the first scheduled sample is withdrawn.


  • Animals can be ordered pre-catheterized and with the VAH installed. See Surgical Service Partner list.
  • Instech ABS users: use low dead-volume VAH95T/ABS or KVAH95T/ABS tethers to minimize sampling times and volume borrowed during the sampling process.
  • DiLab AccuSampler users: use the KVAH95T/DILAB tether kit which includes a 20ga swivel. The AccuSampler is not compatible with KVAH95T/ABS. See AccuSampler Settings for Instech Vascular Access Harness white paper, prepared by VeruTech AB, the founders and owners of DiLab. Note that Instech is the authorized distributor of DiLab consumables in the US.
  • BASi Culex users: use the VAH95ABH harness with a Raturn® rotating-cage-based system. The Raturn tether clip attaches to the hole in the harness. Use the standard VAH95AB with a swivel-based Culex ABC system.
  • Also available in a two-channel version for simultaneous infusion and sampling or for bile sampling.
  • Now available in a miniature version for mouse blood sampling.
  • Also available in a version with long (14in/36cm) belly bands for large rats or guinea pigs. Contact us for pricing on VAH95AB14. (Standard belly bands are 9in/23cm.)
  • Contact Instech for pricing on order quantities of 50 or more pieces or for custom configurations.


Dilab and AccuSampler are registered trademarks of VeruTech AB. Culex and Raturn are registered trademark of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.


U.S. Pricing

Model    Name    Price
VAH95AB Rat VAH harness, 22ga, with injector, sterile $33 / each 
VAH95ABH Rat VAH harness with 4mm hole for Culex attachment, injector, sterile $35 / each 
VAH95T/ABS Rat VAH tether assembly, low dead volume 017 PU tubing for ABS, 10.5in, sterile $16 / each 
KVAH95T/ABS Rat VAH tether kit for ABS: VAH95T/ABS, 375/22P, sterile $48 / each 
KVAH95T/DILAB Rat VAH tether kit for AccuSampler: VAH95T, 375/20P, sterile $48 / each 
VAH6M-50 Injectors for rat VAH and VAB, needleless, 10 sterile pouches of 5 $125 / box of 50 
VAH6M Injectors for rat VAH and VAB, needleless, 50 sterile pouches of 5 $495 / box of 250 



tether information [PDF]